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Sponsor My Brother or Sister for a Green Card

Getting a Green Card for your Sibling, brother or sister, is a two-step process. With our Form Navigator™ we guide you through this process, ensure you meet the eligibility requirements and complete Form I-130 and I-485 accurately.

Sponsor My Brother or Sister for a Green Card
Get a Green Card for My Sibling!
Family Based Green Card Information

Family Visa

Family members of US citizens and green card holders are eligible to get a green card becoming US permanent residents (green card holders). There are two categories of family visas - immediate relative immigrant visas (IR) and family preference immigrant visas (F). There are an unlimited number of IR visas which allows persons applying in this category the option to file their applications concurrently for faster processing times as they do not have to wait for a visa to become available. There are yearly limits on the F category visas which are arranged by preference so you must wait for a visa number to become available before filing an application for a green card.

Sibling Green Card

Sibling green cards are available through the family preference category. They are F4, Family Fourth Preference visas and are only available to brothers and sisters of US citizens and their spouses and minor children. There are 65,000 F4 visas available each year.

Sibling Visa

If you are currently living outside of the United States, you will need to file for a visa through the US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs. You will be issued a green card once your application has been accepted and you are admitted entry into the United States. The sibling visa is the F4, Family Fourth Preference Visa.

F4 Visa

To become a US green card holder (permanent resident) through your sibling relationship to a US citizen, you will first need your US citizen sibling to file Form I-130, Petition for Relative on your behalf. This a USCIS form. The purpose of the petition is to prove your relationship. Such documents as birth certificates, passports, and documents showing your sibling to be a citizen, either born or naturalized, will be required.

Once the I-130 petition is accepted, you will have to wait for a visa number to become available for you before you are able to file Form I-485, Application for a Green Card. Because sibling visas are the lowest priority visa of the family preference category, it often takes several years for a visa number to become available. After your I-485 is accepted, you will be granted an immigrant visa to come the United States or if you are already in the United States, your status will be adjusted to permanent resident.

What is the Department of State?

The Department of State operates diplomatic missions abroad and implements foreign policy. The Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs is responsible for issuing visas and running US embassies and consulates abroad.

What is USCIS?

USCIS is the acronym for US Citizenship and Immigration Services. It is a division of the Department of Homeland Security. It is responsible for many of the same functions as the now dissolved United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).

Where do I get a visa?

Visas are issued by the US Department of State and are needed in most cases to travel to the United States. Unless you are a national of a country participating in the Visa Waiver Program, or a national of Canada or Mexico participating in a program designated by NAFTA, you will need a visa to visit the United States. All foreign nationals need a visa to work in the United States.


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