(USC) is not a government agency, nor is it affiliated with or endorsed by the government. We are not a law firm and using us does not substitute for the advice of a lawyer. USC's customer support will not answer legal questions or provide legal advice. Customer support is for technical and billing issues. The forms available for completion online using USC are also available from the USCIS for free as blank forms with written instructions. USC's return policy can be located within our Terms and Conditions. Stated prices do not include any applicable government filing fees. USC helps you complete your application quickly and accurately, provides full-time customer support, and automatically generates all the forms you need for your application - ready for submission by you to the USCIS.

Why use our Online Service vs the U.S. Government Website

1) We generate all required forms you will need for your application - ready for submission by you to the government.

2) Keep all of your paperwork online and access it anywhere.

3) Technical phone support available 24/7

Our Easy to Use Online Software Makes
Completing your Immigration Forms Easy!
Step 1
Choose your form.
Step 2
Use our form guidance tool to complete your application.
Step 3
Print your completed forms with personalized instructions. Gather any supporting evidence documents.
Step 4
Mail your completed forms and supporting evidence documentation to the USCIS for processing.
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