Benefits of Having a US Passport

The US passport is considered to be a valuable legal document. A US citizen is issued a US passport by the US Department of State. A passport is generally considered as a photo identity document. A US passport is an identity document which contains your name, photograph, date of birth and other information about you, that is needed to confirm your identity. Only the citizens of the United States are issued US passports. An individual who is a US citizen by birth or a naturalized US citizen is eligible for a US passport. Obtaining and possessing a US passport has various benefits.

Valid Photo Identification Document

A US passport is a valid photo identification document. It serves as a proof of your age and your name. This legal document may be used for many purposes. A US passport is an excellent form of legal identification while boarding flights and while traveling. While applying for loans in America, the loan application may require a proof of US citizenship to determine whether the applicant is eligible for such a loan. In such circumstances, a US passport will establish the eligibility of the applicant.

Convenient to Travel Around the World

A US passport will manage all your international travel concerns. A US citizen who possesses a valid US passport can travel hassle free around the United States and also re-enter the country. You may be able to travel and enter into various countries around the world with a US passport. Though many countries require certain other documents, such as birth certificate, driver’s license and other documents, a passport will take care of all such requirements.

Travel Without a Visa

There are certain countries that allow the US citizens to travel through the visa waiver program, which does not require the traveler to obtain a visa. The visa waiver program is generally an agreement between the United States and other countries, based on certain security and counter terrorism standards. More than 100 countries allow Americans with a US passport to travel without a visa. But the United States allows the citizens of only 36 countries to travel to the United States without a visa.

A US passport holder can stay in the United Kingdom, Tunisia and certain other countries for a long period of time and these countries allow the US passport holders to stay for a period of six months, without a visa. Countries such as France and Canada allow the US passport holders to stay for 3 months without a visa. There are some countries that allow the US passport holders to stay for up to 30 days, without a visa.