Form N400 vs Form N600 (Updated- 2024)

Form N-400 and Form N-600, both have to do with U.S. citizenship, but these forms do not serve the same purpose. Form N-400 is for immigrants to apply for U.S. citizenship through the process of naturalization and become naturalized U.S. citizens and Form N-600 is meant for people who acquire or derive U.S. citizenship from their U.S. citizen parent(s) and need a U.S. citizenship certificate to prove their citizenship status.

Who can file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization?

Lawful permanent residents of the United States, who seek to obtain U.S. citizenship, will have to go through the naturalization process, by filing Form N-400.

Any foreign national, who is above age 18 and who holds a United States Green Card, and is eligible for U.S. citizenship can go through this process and obtain U.S. citizenship.

Naturalization Basic Eligibility requirements

You can file your U.S. citizenship application, if you have been living in the United States for around five years and if you have maintained good moral character. Similarly, you must have obeyed the immigration laws of the country and you must be proficient in English. Moreover, you must be familiar with the laws, government, and history of America.

You can become a U.S. citizen only if you pass the naturalization test and to get through that test, you must be good in English and you must be aware of the country’s laws and history. If you successfully go through the citizenship process, you will be issued a naturalization certificate as proof of citizenship and you can remain in the country as a U.S. citizen.

Who can file Form N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship?

Children of U.S. citizens, who were born on foreign soil, may file Form N-600, to obtain citizenship certificates. As the children of U.S. citizens automatically become U.S. citizens, they need not apply for naturalization and they can just file Form N-600 and obtain citizenship certificates.

Eligibility requirements

You may file Form N-600 on behalf of a minor child if you are already a U.S. citizen. If you were born in a foreign country and if your parents are U.S. citizens or if your parents are naturalized U.S. citizens and if you were born in the United States, you may file Form N-600, to obtain a citizenship certificate.

In this case, you need not go through the complicated naturalization process and you need not take the citizenship test and the oath of Allegiance and you just need to file Form N-600 and claim your U.S. citizenship.

Filing this form alone may not be sufficient and to qualify, you must attach copies of your parents’ U.S. citizenship documents or your birth certificate, if you were born on U.S. soil, along with Form N-600. After the approval of your Form N-600, you will be issued a certificate of citizenship with which you can prove that you are a U.S. citizen.