For every immigrant who seeks to become a US citizen, the US citizenship interview is an important step. This naturalization interview does not only involve English and civics tests but it also involves a personal interview with an immigration officer. It is wise to be well prepared for this important interview in order to avoid stress. US citizenship interviews are conducted at various USCIS offices. You may arrive at the particular USCIS office at least 15 minutes early. Before the naturalization interview, the immigration officer will review the Form N-400 filed by you. You will be asked few questions about your past and you will be required to sign certain documents.

Following that, you will have to take the English and the civics tests. Your ability to speak English will be determined by the USCIS officer at the time of the interview. You will have to read and write one out of three reading and writing questions in English, to pass the English component of the naturalization interview. To pass the civics test, you need to answer six civics questions correctly, out of ten questions. However, you will be given two chances to pass the tests. You may take up the test again after 60 or 90 days from the initial interview, if you fail in the initial interview. After you get through, the USCIS officer will tell you about the citizenship ceremony which is the last step towards becoming a naturalized US citizen.

Remember that there are few exceptions for taking the English test but there are no exceptions for the civics test. You may not be required to take the English test, if you are 50 or 55 years old. If you are above 50, you need not take the English test, if you had become a permanent resident before 20 years. Similarly, if you are above age 55, and if you had become a permanent resident before 15 years, you need not take the English test. However, you need to take the civics test even if you are exempted from taking the English test.

You may prepare for your citizenship interview by making use of the resources and study materials offered by the USCIS. You may also attend naturalization workshops hosted across by the USCIS. You need to learn about the US history and politics to pass the civics test. On the day of your naturalization interview, you will have to carry with you certain documentation and the interview appointment letter that was sent to you by the USCIS. You need to go through that letter carefully as that letter will contain information about the supporting documentation that you need to bring.  Moreover, it is mandatory to answer honestly and you may not become a US citizen, if the immigration officer finds that you are lying.