Rescheduling U.S. Citizenship and Green Card Interviews(2024)

USCIS allows applicants to reschedule their interviews but it requires the applicants to provide valid reasons to reschedule the interview. You will have to provide a good reason as to why you are unable to appear for the scheduled interview and why you need to reschedule your interview.

It is well-known fact that you will have to appear for USCIS interviews if you had filed application for U.S. citizenship, Green Card, or for adjustment of status. USCIS will adjudicate your case only after the required interview.

U.S. immigration laws state that your application may be denied if you do not appear for the scheduled interview. In that case, USCIS officers will consider that you had abandoned your application.

If you do not provide a valid reason, your application may be denied and you may be required to start the process again and you will have to file a new application and pay the filing fee again.

If the USCIS officer denies your U.S. citizenship or Green Card application, based on abandonment, you may not be able to appeal but you may have an option to file a motion to reopen the case or you will have to file a new application.

How to reschedule U.S. citizenship or Green Card interview?

The easiest way to reschedule your USCIS appointment is by calling the USCIS contact center at 800-375-5283 and requesting a reschedule.

You can also follow the specific instructions given in your appointment notice to reschedule your appointments.

However, rescheduling requests for interviews or naturalizations oath ceremony are sent to the field offices as service requests. Only the USCIS officer will decide whether to reschedule your interview or not and it depends on the reason why you are unable to appear for the actual interview. You will have to prove that you cannot appear for the interview at the scheduled time because of a medical or family emergency or other unavoidable circumstances.

You cannot reschedule your interview if you are just not ready for the interview. You must have a compelling reason as to why you cannot attend the interview and need a reschedule. As the USCIS officer is the final authority to decide on your reschedule request, only legitimate reasons would help you with a reschedule. If the immigration officer considers your reason, your interview may be rescheduled and you will receive a new interview notice.

How long does USCIS take to reschedule interviews?

It takes about 4 to 6 weeks to reschedule your U.S. citizenship or Green Card interviews. You will receive a notice with the rescheduled interview details.

However, if your interview is not rescheduled you must not skip the interview date and if you do skip it, your U.S. citizenship or Green Card application might be denied.