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Form NumberForm Name
AR 11Change of AddressEOIR 29Notice of AppealG-1041AHistorical Records RequestG-1041Genealogy IndexG-1145Historical Records RequestG-28INotice of Entry of AppearanceG-28Notice of EntryG-325ABiographic InformationG-639Freedom of Information ActG-845Verification RequestG-845 SupplementDocument VerificationG-884Return Original DocumentsI-129CWPetition for CNMI Transitional WorkerI-129FPetition for Fiancé(e)I-129Petition for Nonimmigrant WorkerI-129SBlanket L PetitionI-140Immigrant Petition for Alien WorkerI-191Application Advance Permission to Return to Unrelinquished DomicileI-192Application Advance Permission to Enter as NonimmigrantI-193Application for Waiver of Passport and/or VisaI-212Request for Admission after Deportation or RemovalI-290BNotice of Appeal or MotionI-360Petition for Ameraisan, Widower(er) or Special ImmigrantI-361Affidavit of Support for AmerasianI-363Petition for Legal Custody of an AmerasianI-485 Supplement AI-485 Supplement AI-508FWaiver of Diplomatic Rights FranceI-508Waiver of Diplomatic RightsI-526Immigrant Petition by Alien EntrepreneurI-539Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant StatusI-566Interagency Record of Request - A, G or NATO Dependent Employment Authorization or Change/Adjustment to/from A, G or NATO StatusI-589Application for Asylum and Withholding of RemovalI-600APetition for Orphan, Advance ProcessingI-600Petition for OrphanI-601AWaiver of Grounds of InadmissibilityI-601Waiver of Grounds of InadmissibilityI-602Application By Refugee For Waiver of Grounds of ExcludabilityI-612Waiver of the Foreign Residence RequirementI-687Temporary Resident Status BenefitsI-690Waiver of Grounds of InadmissibilityI-693Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination RecordI-694Notice of AppealI-698VAWA Green CardI-730Refugee Relative PetitionI-800AApplication to Adopt Convention ChildI-800Petition to Classify Adoptee as RelativeI-817Family Unity BenefitsI-821Temporary Protected Status (TPS)I-829Remove Conditions of Residence, EntrepreneurI-854AInter-Agency Alien Witness and Informant RecordI-854BInter-Agency Alien Witness and Informant Adjustment of StatusI-864AContract between Sponsor and HouseholdI-864EZAffidavit of SupportI-864Affidavit of SupportI-864PPoverty Guidelines, Affidavit of SupportI-864WAffidavit of Support ExcemptionI-865Change of Address, SponsorI-881Application to Suspend DeportationI-905Health Care Work CertificationI-907Request for Premium Processing ServiceI-912Request for Premium Processing ServiceI-912PRequest for Fee WaiverI-914Application for T Nonimmigrant StatusI-918Petition for U Nonimmigrant StatusI-924AImmigrant Investor Pilot ProgramI-924Immigrant Investor Pilot ProgramI-929U Visa for FamilyI-9Employment Eligibility VerificationN-300Application to File Declaration of IntentionN-336Request Hearing for Citizenship ApplicationN-426Request Hearing for Certification of Military or Naval ServiceN-470Application to Preserve Residence for Naturalization PurposesN-4Naturalization PapersN-600KCitizenship Application for ChildN-644Posthumous CitizenshipN-648Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions

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