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What is Naturalization?

What is Naturalization?Naturalization is the legal process that allows citizens of foreign countries to become citizens of the United States. But this process may not permit all the foreign nationals who file petitions for naturalization to obtain US citizenship and the foreign nationals will have to meet a variety of eligibility requirements to apply for US citizenship. United States permits foreign nationals to obtain US citizenship but the individuals who seek to obtain US citizenship will have to go through the legal naturalization process and to become naturalized US citizens, they must first obtain United States Green Cards and become permanent residents.

A person who seeks to apply for naturalization, must have been living in America for a five year period as a permanent resident and must have maintained good moral character during that period. Apart from that, he must have sufficient knowledge of the English language and must be well aware of the country’s laws and history, as he will be required to take the US citizenship test. Moreover, he must be ready to take the oath of allegiance to the country. Any Green Card holder, who is eligible for United States citizenship, can file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, if he is above age 18 and if he satisfies the eligibility requirements and the eligibility requirements include, continuous residence and physical presence requirements. A person who has been living in America as a Green Card holder for the past five years and who has not resided abroad for a prolonged period, during that five year period may apply for naturalization.

Likewise, he must have been living in one particular American State continuously, for at least three months prior to filing Form N-400 and must not leave the country after filing Form N-400, until he becomes a naturalized US citizen. According to the US immigration laws, a person who wishes to become a US citizen must be good in English and must know about America’s laws and history and Green Card holders who meet all the prerequisites, may file their naturalization applications. Naturalization process includes, filing petitions, submitting biometrics information, appearing for interviews, taking up the naturalization test and taking the oath of Allegiance.

Hence, a person who wants to obtain US citizenship, will have to prepare himself well, before filing his petition. Similarly, Form N-400 will be accepted by the USCIS, only if it accompanies the required initial evidence and he must not forget to mail the required documents along with his petition. After accepting the application, USCIS will notify him of the biometrics appointment. After submitting biometrics information, he will be required to report for the naturalization interview, but not immediately after submitting biometrics information.

During the naturalization interview, he will have take the naturalization tests, the English test and the civics test. He must get through both these tests to obtain US citizenship. He must also prove that he is proficient in English and should know basic US history and about the American laws. Followed by the US citizenship test, he will be provided information about the naturalization oath ceremony, where he must take the oath of Allegiance. During that oath ceremony, he will be granted a naturalization certificate and with that document, he can live in America as a naturalized US citizen and obtain a US passport and participate in the civic life.

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