How Long to Get an Interview After I-130 Approval?

How Long to Get an Interview After I-130 Approval?Form I-130 is the immigrant petition that must be filed by a US citizen or a permanent resident, to sponsor a family member for a US Green Card. US citizens can sponsor a few other categories of relatives apart from their immediate relatives, whereas Green Card holders can only sponsor their spouses and their children. After you file Form I-130, in the United States, your petition will be forwarded to the National Visa Center for processing, after it is approved by the USCIS. National Visa Center (NVC) will review the affidavit of support forms filed by you and collect the required fee. Similarly, it will provide instructions and collect the other required documents. Immediate relatives are not subject to numerical limits and they will not be required to wait until the priority dates become current and their petitions will be processed sooner. But, if Form I-130 is filed on behalf of other relatives, NVC will contact the beneficiaries only after visa numbers become current and the process will be quite lengthy.

After Form I-130 is sent to the NVC, the visa center will inform the beneficiary about the visa application fees and then the beneficiary must collect her visa application and the required supporting documents. She must then wait until the NVC schedules an interview at a local US Embassy or Consulate and the NVC will notify the beneficiary only if the priority date meets the Qualifying Sate and she can check the visa bulletin for information about the priority dates and the Qualifying Dates will be updated every month by the DHS. Remember that a priority date will be assigned as soon as you file Form I-130 and you can find that date on the USCIS Approval Notice, that was sent to you.

NVC will schedule visa interviews and send all the forms that were submitted, on behalf of the beneficiary, to the respective US Consulates or Embassies, where the beneficiary will be interviewed. And the beneficiary can start preparing for the interview after receiving a notification from the NVC. After the approval of Form I-130, your family member will be called for an immigrant visa interview sooner, if the petition gets through the NVC quickly. At times, an interview will be scheduled, within one month from the date of approval of Form I-130 and at times, it might take more than 6 months. This depends on the category and immediate relatives of US citizens, may not be required to wait for a long time and an interview will be scheduled sooner, but the beneficiaries who are not immediate relatives will have to wait for years. However, you may check the visa bulletin that the DHS publishes every month for information on priority dates and qualifying dates.

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  1. hi my husband is an USA citizen my petition has beenapproved recently after two years .please tell me how long I should wait to meet my husband again and get my visa thanks

  2. My priority date has been current 23 july 2015 and I am
    not receive interview appointment date..please help me? and how much whating?

  3. I’m A Permanent Resident of the US. In September 30,2016 I filed a I-130 For My Husband who is a residing In our home country ( JAMAICA )I Received a notice on October 3,2016 I want to know how long is it going to take before me or my husband hear anything else about the filing…. Can You Please Check The Processing Time Please And Thank You…

  4. Josielyn Barnachea

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,
    I am a naturalized US citizen. In August 1998, I filed I-130 for my brother and sister who is residing in our home country (Philippines)since Nov. 2003. I received already the case number 10 years ago from then I haven’t heard anything yet. Want to know how many more years of waiting for this petitions.

  5. Dear Sir/Ma’am,
    I am a naturalized US citizen. In March 2015, I filed I-130 for my brother who is residing in our home country (Iran). I received “receipt notice”, but has not yet received an “approval notice.” Could you please tell me if there is any way to see why it took so long?
    For your info, for the past ten years, I have not changed my address.

  6. i have petition for my married son in 2008 and i am citizen and if i am out of usa when his documents avaiable for green card should i be in usa

  7. Hi, I sent the petitions for my parents before one monthe and tow weeks but didn’t recieve any response or the receipt
    what should i do and who to contact

  8. My immigrant visa case was completed in December 2015 and I was told to wait until an interview date becomes available…My priority date has been current since January 2016 and I am yet to receive any interview appointment date..please help

  9. How long does i-130 gets approved ii am a citizen and filing for my husband and it has been 5 months already now its May i really need to know when will the approval coming since its past 5 mobths. can we call the uscis center about this ?

  10. ParminderKumar

    Hi, i have applied for MY Citizenship in Dec 2015,but still i did not get any Mail for my Interview. i just need to know how long they take to call for Interview?Thanks

  11. my husband had an interview feb.5th 2015 then went to additional processing then was send back to uscis california center for more review I am a U.S citizen and still can’t get my husband ww did everything by the law and paid all fees been married for 3 years can’t be together why are they doing this any one else in this case? we both have clean records and we both work but he is in one country I’m in USA what a life—-please share your story if you are like me thanks

  12. My brother had applied for my siblings I-130 on Apr-2007(Priority date). We have been notified that it is been forwarded to the NVC on Sep-2010, yet we have not received or got any confirmation. How soon we will be notified or what would be the updated status.

  13. Hi Dear Admin:
    I filled I-130 for my wife 2 weeks ago but I did not received any notification from USCIS!How can I know they received my documents?

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