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American Citizen Application

Fill out Form N-400Foreign nationals can become US citizens and the process that helps foreign nationals to become citizens of the United States is known as naturalization. Form N-400, is the American citizen application and immigrants who seek to apply for US citizenship must file this form with the USCIS. Applications for US citizenship filed by the immigrants will be processed by the USCIS and USCIS will grant the eligible applicants US citizenship. A person who becomes a US citizen will gain a variety of rights and people who become US citizens through the naturalization process also can take part in the civic life similar to the native US citizens. Naturalized US citizens can get US passports and they will never be deported from the country.

US citizens can bring their families to the United States and immigrant petitions filed by them will be processed sooner. Children of such US citizens will also become eligible for US citizenship. Likewise, US citizens can freely travel to foreign countries and use their US passports to travel internationally. Naturalized US citizens will be granted access to federal benefits such as Medicare and Social Security. To enjoy all these benefits, you must become a US citizen and to become a citizen of the United States, you will have to file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.

Nevertheless, there are a variety of eligibility requirements that must be satisfied, prior to applying for US citizenship. The American citizen application, Form N-400 is quite lengthy and you can complete the form by hand or you can fill out the form on your computer. If you have a computer at home with internet connection, you can easily complete your form. You just need to go to the e-filing page and click Start My Application Online. You can start completing your application after creating an account. Though the application is lengthy and complicated, the Form Navigator will help you to easily complete your application. It will help you to avoid all common errors that are likely to occur while completing the paper Form N-400.

Form N-400 includes 14 parts and all the questions must be answered. You need to provide all the required information about yourself and about your eligibility. You need to enter your address and your telephone numbers and information about your employment and residence. Likewise, you will have to provide information about your marital history and about your children. You must mention the number of foreign trips that you have taken, over the past five years. Remember that, parts 13 and 14 of Form N-400 must be completed only after you are instructed to do so by a USCIS officer. Many tend to make mistakes while filing paper forms and the USCIS will not accept forms that are incomplete and that contain incorrect information. You can avoid all such simple and costly errors if you complete your form online. If the application field by you is accurate, your application will be accepted by the USCIS. Only after that, you will be called for biometrics services and for the naturalization interview.

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