Green Card

Can I Renew My Two Year Green Card?

Two year Green Cards are conditional Green Cards that cannot be renewed. Conditional Green Cards are granted to the spouses of US citizens, who are newly married. Citizens of foreign countries who feel that getting married to US citizens is the easiest way to immigrate to America, involve in marriage fraud and get married just …

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How To Get Family Based Green Cards?

How do I sponsor US Green Cards for my Family members (Spouse, Parents, Children and Siblings)? US citizens are allowed to sponsor their family members for US Green Cards. You may sponsor your immediate relatives such as your spouse, parents and your children and these immediate relatives need not wait for immigrant visa numbers to …

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Who Requires a Reentry Permit?

Re-entry permits are issued to lawful permanent residents and conditional permanent residents who plan to travel outside the country for more than a year. You can re-enter the United States, with your Green Card, if you remain outside the United States for less than 365 days, but you may not be able to get into …

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